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Mandango Real Estate Company is an autonomous company formed legally by resolution SC. DIC. L. 11. 0195 by the SUPERINTENDENCY OF COMPANIES OF THE REPUBLIC OF ECUADOR. We founded our company on ethical principles, honesty, transparency and excellent customer service towards our clients, who trust in us to acquire their real Estate property at fair prices; these policies consolidate MANDANDO REAL ESTATE COMPANY. It is an honor for us as authentic children of Vilcabamba to serve with responsibility and in a timely manner both natives and foreigners. In the same way serve the owners of the Real Estate properties -in the Valley of Vilcabamba, San Pedro of Vilcabamba, Malacatos, Yangana, Quinara, sectors of the south orient of Zamora Chinchipe province, and other places of spectacular scenery and Spring like climates- who trust us with the purchase and sale of their properties. Our Company has professional support personnel who are well qualified in the legal area, translation (Spanish-English), civil engineering, architecture, and public relations. Also, in the moment of acquiring your property, we help you contact or find people who can work with you in the construction or maintenance of your property. We invite you to visit the world renown Valley of Vilcabamba, place of the extraordinary natural bounties for a good and healthy life. VILCABAMBA through the ""MANDANGO REAL ESTATE COMPANY" offers you this opportunity

Justo Carpio is a Realtor in Vilcabamba and Ecuador_ Mandango Real Estate

JUSTO CARPIO: I am a native of Vilcabamba, with a degree in Business Administration and Real estate agent professional, I am supported by the National Federation of Realtors of Ecuador (Professional License No. 144). I have Courses in: -Techniques of Entrepreneurship, Human Rights, Environmental Science, Business Competition, Ethics and Moral Values Workshop, International conference of Business management, Leadership for Change Course, the youth thinks training course, Innovation Management. I come from a well-known and respected family in Vilcabamba, the surrounding parishes and in the city of Loja.

One of the best personal satisfactions is to have served my community and neighboring parishes, for this reason when you visit Vilcabamba you will very easily get references about me and Mandango Real Estate Company.

Professional License No. 144 / Licencia Profesional No. 144

Ministerial agreement. 15031 / Acuerdo ministerial. 15031

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